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Nikolas Stratis

Nikolas Stratis Prodyssey Solutions Founder profile picture.

Nikolas is a results-driven business consultant with a robust background in strategy, finance, and technology. As a qualified accountant (ACA) with a strong inclination towards technology, Nikolas brings a unique blend of financial expertise and technological acumen to the table.

Throughout his career, he has held C-level positions in FinTech startups and spearheaded innovative projects in the blockchain space. Nikolas' core focus lies in crafting and implementing strategic business plans tailored to the needs of emerging ventures. He excels in structuring organisations for success, ensuring they are well-positioned to navigate the complexities of the evolving business landscape.

Whether you are seeking to enhance strategic planning, streamline financial operations, or drive innovation in your organisation, he is always eager to discuss how you can collaborate to bring transformative change in the world of business.

Nikolas Stratis Prodyssey Solutions Founder profile picture.


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