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Alexandros Vacanas

Alexandros Vacanas Prodyssey Solutions Founder profile picture.

Alexandros Vacanas brings a wealth of expertise at the intersection of finance, technology, and entrepreneurship. As an ACA Qualified Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in external audit across diverse industries, gained during his tenure at PwC Cyprus, Alexandros possesses a deep understanding of financial intricacies and regulatory requirements.

Transitioning into business consulting, Alexandros has further refined his skills, particularly in Strategy and Operations. His adeptness in utilising tools like Data Analytics (DA), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) underscores his commitment to optimising processes and driving efficiency. Alexandros's proficiency extends beyond traditional finance, as evidenced by his expertise in blockchain solutions. With an emphasis on integrating technology with business practices, he has become a trusted resource for navigating the intricacies of emerging technologies.

As Co-Founder of Miden, an ESG startup, Alex showcases his entrepreneurial spirit by integrating blockchain technology with sustainability principles, dedicated to driving positive change through technology-driven solutions.

Throughout his career, Alex has demonstrated a commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing innovation. With his multifaceted expertise and forward-thinking mindset, he continues to make significant contributions to the realms of finance, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Alexandros Vacanas Prodyssey Solutions Founder profile picture.


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